Tuesday, December 27, 2016

May the Force be with you. Always. (Eulogy for Carrie Fisher).

I'm really out of practice here guys, so I apologize if this comes off as sloppy. Anyway, I'm sure everyone knows this by now, but Carrie Fisher died this morning. I don't know what else I could possibly add to this. It feels like I just lost a friend, but I know it's because I'm attached to the character of Princess Leia, not the woman who played her. So who am I really mourning here? An actress I've never met and not all that familiar with outside of one major role? Or a friend that stayed with me all my life, and whose story helped shape the adult I am today? I believe that the answer is both of these. I never knew Carrie Fisher personally, but I know Princess Leia. I know that Leia taught me to fight for what I believe in, to never give up even when the world was at its darkest, that one person doesn't have to be an invincible Jedi to stand up to evil. But you know what else I know? It's that at the end of the day, Princess Leia is just a character dreamed up by George Lucas. But It wasn't Lucas who stood in front of the camera and taught these things to me and millions of others, it was a shy woman from California with Bipolar Disorder, who self-medicated for years with Cocaine and prescription drugs and fought with weight issues all of her life. And yet despite all of that, she still managed to become this character and inspire generations of people. Lucas may have invented Leia...But it was Mrs. Fisher that made Leia an icon. And for myself, my life was richer and happier because of it.  

Carrie Fisher....Thank you.
May the Force be with you.


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