Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Strange Dream I had.

I dreamed that Rogue from the X-Men (or someone with the same powers as her anyway) and another character were sealing away Apocalypse (or some monster like Apocalypse) in a coffin covered in a force field and that it was somehow important that no one touch him....and then Rouge did just as the Coffin was closing.

And then Rouge joined the Justice League and began to mutate into a hideous monster when they responded to a domestic disturbance. Then it switched to me flagging down Hilary Clinton as she was leaving my house (...which apparently is inside a hallway to a plane) and asking for her to use her government connections to get Rouge help.

I follow her onto the plane and then it got freaky. And by freaky, I mean she started ranting and raving about the world rejecting her and hammering tiny and ginormous nails into my skin and muscles, literally pinning me to the chair. I pulled them out, feeling weak from blood loss and bleeding out. And then the stewardess quietly asked Mrs. Clinton to leave. Which she did...and left me there to bleed out.

After being attacked by insects, snakes and the elements. The scene changed and the plane had crashed, rather conveniently, into the shape of a theater in a forest somewhere. The other passengers, still alive (I think), remained strapped to their seats, but someone had moved me to a mattress they had found and put blankets over my bleeding, but still alive body to keep the rain off. And then we discovered that The Muppets had been on board and Doctor Teeth brought a human sized Rooster to play the flute to heal me.

The Rooster played the Christmas Carol "Comfort and Joy".
And then it changed and I was watching the Rooster playing 'Comfort and Joy' over my shrouded body from backstage. And then I and two girls exited into a mall to look for t-shirts to give to the crowd. And then I woke up....

I have no idea what it means. But I thought it be fun to share this.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.
See you next week.

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