Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Youtube Channels you should check out: PushingUpRoses.

Before we get started, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have another article up on Movie Pilot/Now Loading. You can read it here: https://creators.co/posts/4188587   I hope you all enjoy it.

Anyway, When I did the first post showcasing a Youtube Channel, I said that gaming channels on Youtube were a dime a dozen, and that's still true. But what I didn't say was that not all of one of them are hyperactive weirdos shouting oddly hilarious obscenities into a Microphone for 20-30 minutes. No, there's actually a rather ginormous chunk of them dedicated to analyzing and reviewing games as well, and this one, in particular, is one of my absolute favorites. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Sarah Wilson, better known to the internet as PushingUpRoses:

Formerly of Channel Awesome (Aka That Guy With the Glasses), I first discovered Roses about a year or two ago after I stumbled upon a small Let's Play of a game I like, an RPG called Wasteland, that she did with another Youtuber, Lazy Game Reviews. When I first saw the video I didn't think much of it, and then some time after that, her Alone in The Dark video (see above) showed up on the sidebar of another video I was watching. I gotta admit, her tattoos, multi-colored hair, and ghostly goth look on the thumbnail drew me in (I always did find the goth look attractive). That and Alone in the Dark is one of those games I'd always been curious about, so I figured why not. I liked what I saw, so I checked out the rest of her Channel and, well, there ya go.

As far as content goes, Roses' videos range from Let's Plays, reviews (obviously), to videos spotlighting such things as where former game developers are now forgotten female game protagonist, and Top Ten Sierra Adventure Game Deaths. The last of which might give you an idea of the kind of humor her videos tend to lean on, which I think is pretty cool. For me, though, what makes Roses stand out from other gaming reviewers on Youtube is both her intelligence and the fact that the bulk of her content covers a genre that's not really given a whole lot of love on Youtube, the Adventure Game. She doesn't need to yell and excessively cuss to get her point across; just a well-written, articulate and sometimes funny review, like her review of Sanitarium, or her uproarious review of Curse of Monkey Island.

If video games aren't really your thing, well recently Roses did begin to branch out and review old and somewhat obscure animated TV shows and films. The most recent video of which covered...David the Gnome...hm. And here I thought I was the only one who remembered that.

Anyway, to sum it all up, Roses is a great content creator and I feel she deserves more attention. If you all feel the same after reading this, then go take a look at her channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCTNXqhWPba9Xh8gx0EKOtQ   

And that's it for me this week, Dear Readers.
See you again soon.   

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