Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The People VS Digital Homicide

I know that a lot of people who actually follow this blog aren't gamers and probably don't know who the hell Digital Homicide (also sometimes known as Imminent Uprising) is. Well, the short answer is that; Digital Homicide LLC is an Arizona based independent video game studio best known for making terrible games on the PC, and for being in a, quite frankly, embarrassing dick measuring blood feud with professional Video Game Journalist and Youtube personality, Jim Sterling. Why are they in said feud, you ask? Well, and you won't even believe me when I say this, It's because Jim didn't like their games....no really, that's the actual reason. But rather than show some semblance of professionalism and, ya know, learn from it and move on, Digital Homicide decided to have one of the most idiotic (and stupendous) public fits ever undertaken by 30-something year old men and go on the attack.

I don't have time to go into an extensive history of their break down, As that would take all day, and Jim Sterling himself has already excellently documented this on his own (see videos on the right and above). However, it is worth noting that, as part of this little tantrum, Digital Homicide has tried censor Jim's criticism via a false copyright claim, slandered him (to his face I might add), and leveled false allegations at him. Class act. "Ok," some of you are thinking, "This company is pretty immature. But why tell us about what amounts to a private dispute?"

Well dear reader, on March 16th of this year, Digital Homicide decided to up the stupid scale. And by that I mean, that Digital Homicide finally snapped, and formally filed a lawsuit against Jim Sterling. Yes, these cry babies are actually going to sue a critic because he didn't like their products. I can't make this up. And not just sue him, oh no. They want $10 million dollars from him. What case could they possibly have? Well, according to an article on Kotaku,  Homicide is accusing Jim of  "assault", "libel", and "slander." Insisting that his continued negative coverage of their games has damaged their company's reputation. When asked by Kotaku about the suit, Digital Homicide's co-founder, Robert Romine, said that Jim had crossed a line with (and I quote) "continued coverage and harassment of every single title we have ever posted." the article goes on to say that "Romine also said he recently received a package full of feces in the mail, despite “multiple requests private and public to the individual [Sterling] to inform his subscriber base to stop harassing me.”

....Ok, Robert, let me explain some things to you. Number 1) Jim, did NOT send people to harass you. Jim has NO CONTROL over what his fans do. Hell, if I recall correctly, in his video covering your game, Temper Tantrum 2,  he publicly stated that he doesn't support harassment and that they shouldn't do that shit. Number 2). Jim didn't destroy your reputation, you did that yourself with your own self-destructive, petulant behavior, all because some critic did their job and gave his opinion on your work. If you react this horribly to criticism, then you SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS BUSINESS.

But more disturbing, Dear Readers, is what this lawsuit could mean. Ya'll, try to picture it for a second, what kind of precedent would this lawsuit set if Digital Homicide won (however unlikely that would be). It could establish a way for other malicious creators and, more disturbingly, big corporations, to legally censor criticisms. "Oh, I don't like what this person said about my work, I'm going to sue them. Hell, Digital Homicide successfully sued Jim Sterling." And it won't stop at Youtube or video game critics, either. No, it will spread to Books, movies, any and everything. News outlets, and other reviewers would be too afraid to publish bad reviews because they don't want to be sued. All because one studio got butthurt that no one liked their game. That's the kind of precedent you're trying to set, Digital Homicide. Whether you intended it or not, if your case gets to a Court Room and you win, You will be instrumental in bringing about Big Brother. I don't want that to happen, Nobody wants that to happen. But if my guess about you is right, then you'll plow ahead anyway, blinded by the sheer idiot righteousness of your cause.

I will be including a link to Jim Sterling's Patreon page at the end of this post if anyone wants to donate and help him fight these scum bags.

We're on your side, Jim. Give them hell.


That's all for me, Thank you for reading. Later.    


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