Saturday, July 7, 2012

Lamar Herrin website.

Just wanted to let people know that my Uncle and mentor Lamar Herrin Finally got himself a web site after much nagging from not only his agent, but the rest of us as well lol.

So if your interested in finding out where my philosophy about about writing and fiction came from, well now you can find out: 

The site also includes a complete bibliography of his work and links to buy them. I highly recommend The Unwritten Chronicles of Robert E. Lee, The Lies Boy's Tell,  House of the Deaf and his memoir Romancing Spain.   So, like I said before, if you haven't read any of his books then pick some up because he's a damn good writer that needs more attention. 

Oh and I made an irritating mistake a few posts back: I said that the title of his new book was Beyond the Marcellus. Well it turns out that that's a working title (though I sincerely hopes he keeps it because it a good one) and its being published by St. Matain's Press and should be out by the fall of next year. So if you feel so inclined please check it out ^_^.   

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