Thursday, March 8, 2012

Intro/what the heck am I doing?

I really don't know where to start here. So I guess I'll just get things out of the way by saying that I'm still pretty new at this whole blogging thing and I can't really say that I'm that big on shouting my thoughts to the world. But I've started so I might as well continue to the end, right?

So about me: My name is Will. I'm a writer trying to get published, a (video) gamer, a fantasy/sci-fi geek and an overall nerd/Otaku who loves nerdy things. I first starting writing fiction in 1997 and I haven't stopped since then. I write mostly fantasy and Sci-fi but I will write horror and maybe some non-imaginative literature as well if  the mood takes me. I published an E-book of short stories called 'Walking with Summer Dreams: Short Fiction' last year on both the Amazon Kindle and on seen here and  here. The book is also part of the Magical Appreciation E-tour: seen here

I also have a proper fantasy novel in the works, but I won't talk much about that until I feel like its ready to be talked about in detail. So don't ask.

Anyway, I told myself I'd keep this short, but I suppose I'll use this blog to promote myself and just talk about whatever comes into my head and just hope that it will make senses. I'll try to update this thing regularly, but I won't say when. So yeah, I hope you all enjoy my rantings. I'll see you later.