Tuesday, December 8, 2015

More Random Musings and a few new videos.

I don't really have anything prepared this time, so I'm just gonna (very) quickly talk about whatever is on the top of my head. And that is....Donald Trump for some reason. I take it you all have heard about what he said about not letting Islamic people into the country? *Sigh* Trump, Donald I gotta level with ya; this is 2015, publicly singling out and vilifying a certain group of people isn't gonna get you elected into public office. You already come off as an ignorant ass, and this is only making it worse. Hell, you know what? The Grumpy Cat is more electable than you....still can't convince me that that's not a wooden toupee, though. Although, I think we can all agree that ISIS must be destroyed. Soooo...yeah.   

What else? I got some more Let's Play videos up. Quite a few but the most recent ones are ones I like the most:

Let's Play Dark Souls part 3.

Let's Play Bloodborne Part 17.

Let's Play Bloodborne Part 18.

Let's Play Bloodborne Part 19.

Hope you all like them if you decide to watch. 

And you all know the holidays are coming up so....yeah, insert promotion for my Amazon storefront here:http://astore.amazon.com/awesostufffor-20

That's all out of me for now. Thanks for reading. Later.  


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