Tuesday, October 27, 2015

When did lazy become the key to success?

This is one aspect of my work that bewilders me to no end. Can someone explain it to me? Why is it that when I pour blood, sweat and tears into something and, ya know, actually TRY to make it good, it goes absolutely nowhere, but when I throw out something that I literally put together in a few minutes with no or very little editing, it suddenly becomes the most popular thing I do? It happened with my short story A Lie Tells the Truth (which can be found in my short story collection, Walking with Summer Dreams or on my Deviant Art page ), a story I literally wrote in half an hour and took less than ten minutes to edit. And, more recently, It's happened with this video of the game System Shock that I literally threw together in 8 minutes because I was bored one day:

And yet, everyone I show the story to loves it, while the stories while my stories that I take my time on barely get any attention. And the video currently has 862 views and 13 'likes', while the videos I actually take time on struggle to get views in the double digits.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm happy that people like both the story and the video, but it's just strange; as a kid, I had been brought up with the idea that if you work hard and put effort into something, it will be successful....and now that I'm adult I've found that that's not always strictly true. My uncle Lamar told me that that's just how it happens sometimes, even pointed to Hemingway's novel 'The Sun Also Rises' (At least I think it was, I'm not sure now) as an example. He told me that Hemingway wrote that book in less than a month and thought it was garbage. But once published, it became one of his most successful and beloved works.

There probably isn't a definitive answer to this, but it's just been bugging me is all.

I got to go.Thanks for reading. Later.              

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