Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Video and Random musings.

Not much to say, except that I had a good weekend, My Uncle Lamar (the one whose a writer) and his wife came for a visit. I don't get to visit them that often so it was great to see them again. Just wish that me and him had had more time to sit down and talk about writing, I could use his help with my book (even if he doesn't really read fantasy).

While he was here, I had the time to record the latest part of my Let's Play of Bloodborne. Which you can see here (remember to like, comment, favorite, share, and subscribe if you liked the video. It helps me out a lot):

I also saw Donald Trump give a speech on the television.....I try to be politically neutral on here, But that man is a wreck on the highway waiting to happen. Why does anyone take him seriously? All he did was toot his own horn and talk so quickly that no one could process what he was saying. Hell, I'm not even sure what he was talking about. To me, he should have been a comedian, he sure has the stage presence for it. And that hair....I'm honestly convinced that his hair is a wooden toupee that he super glued to his scalp. It's too fake looking to be anything else. I'm not gonna launch into a full anti-Trump rant here, but...yeah, it's enough to say that I don't think he should be in politics and I sure as hell don't want him as President.

That's all I'm gonna say to today. Thanks for reading everybody. Later.

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