Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quick Catch up.

Did ya think I was dead? Lol. Well I am not, life has just been getting in the way. I'll spare you guys the details (don't have much time right now), but the short of it is that I've been working on my book and looking for a job, the latter of which I finally found. Yup I'm finally employed, I'm now a non-armed security guard  for a shop in Lenox Mall called J Crew. Can't say it's the most exciting job in the world but hey, it's a job. And I gotta admit, it does feel good to have an income again. 

As for the book, good news is that the first draft is almost finished, just a few more chapters and an epilogue and then I can start the revision process. I won't put a due date on it just yet, but I will keep you guys posted when I can. Thanks for you guy's patients =). 

Hate to cut this short, but I gotta get back to work. 
See you guys soon. 

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