Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Political rant: War cry of the stupid.

I know that I said that I would blog about something more cheery in the last real post I did. But I feel like pissing people off today and what better way is there then talking about how stupid politics is?

I grew up in a family whose politics were relatively conservative  and I learned early on that, generally, it was probably smarter to try and stay out of the cesspit of a political argument. Mostly because no matter what I have to say someone is gonna sit there and tell me how wrong I am. Especially since I've never wholly shared the narrow minded political conservative views of  your average American southern, nor do I wholly share the often nonsensical, "politically correct" views of a liberal. And, according to a lot of people, that's where I went wrong. To those kind of people (including some of my own relatives), I can't live in the middle because there is no room to be neutral in this day and age of so-called "change" and "saving America from the evil liberals who want to turn this country into a pussified third world nation." In other words, I have to be one side or the other or I'm automatically labeled a communist, fascist and other much less flattering words that I'm not gonna repeat.

And that, boys and girls, is what you call the war cry of the stupid.

Being a good leader does NOT mean being a stone wall and calling people down just because they don't agree with you. It means putting aside your personal agenda and doing what is truly in the best interests of the people.  Its as true of being president as it is of a father. And from where I am standing, very few politicians are willing to actually do that. Not President Obama, not Mitt Romney; hell so far as I can tell  none of them are.

Just as an example: lets look at Obama's health care bill, which last I heard was under review of the supreme court. At its most basic level, the bill is designed to introduce a European style "free" health care system with equal care for everyone, rich or poor. Sounds good on paper, but in reality its a mess. You wanna know how European nations pay for such things? They tax their citizens out the ass. And not just the richest people in country, that NEVER actually works, but everyone. You think the prices over here are bad? Try the UK, hell over there they will charge you for the shopping bags to carry your purchase home in (and no, I'm not kidding). And even with all of those taxes, Europe's economy as a whole is STILL spiraling towards certain death, I mean just look at the mess in Greece. And yet Obama and the Democrats in congress have decided to ignore this and plunge ahead with this cluster f***ck anyway. With our economy not yet even half-way out of the carper, how exactly do the President and the Democrats think we will pay for all of this? By punishing those who don't have insurance with heavy fines and by hiking already high taxes up the ass? Where is the logic in this,  I wanna know. With that being said, I wonder if they ever considered a limited government health care plan? Meaning that the individual and insurance still pays for things like doctor and hospital visits. While the government picks up the tab for, say, prescription drugs. Sure that would also involve a minor tax increase as well, but when you compare it to the uncountable amount of dollars in tax hikes that Obamacare would lay on us, I'd say its pretty much  like picking a dirty napkin up off the floor as opposed to cleaning up a pile of garbage the size of Mount Everest.                 

And not to get down only on democrats: Republicans, you're just as bad. They will have you believe that by turning off the all the government regulations and essentially getting out of the way of business in pretty much every way will put more money in people's pockets and get the economy up and running. In other words, if the government does exactly what Ayn Rand suggests in Atlas Shrugged then everything will be all happy and hunky dory. LIES.  Nobody will disagree that making money is a good thing,  but unless you have something to counter balance people's greed (like, say, a government watch dog) then you have a recipe for a civil rights disaster. And if you don't believe that, then you need to have another look at the history of the big business in this country.
Here is the bottom line Republicans (and Collectivist too I suppose): while most people will agree that big government is a bad thing,  not having government watch dogs of any kind is even worse. Part of a government's job is protecting its people, weather its from a mad dictator in a foreign land or from some greedy corporate big wig whose only interest is making money and damn the people who help him make it.    

I am aware that I am speaking in general terms and that not every Republican and/or Democrat necessarily adheres to everything I am saying, but I'm trying to make a point here. And that point is both sides are so blinded by some irrational and stupid hatred of one another's politics that they can't see that both ideologies have part of the right answer. And not in that "the answer is somewhere in the middle" kind of way, but in a jigsaw puzzle kind of way. One person has one side of the puzzle, while another person has the other and putting them together will get the right answer. Its like what I was saying before about putting aside your personal agenda and doing whats in the peoples best interest. And sadly...neither side is willing to do it. Not really. Too many Republicans/conservatives see Democrats as the coming of the Fourth Reich, and too many  Democrats/Liberals see Republicans as primitive, idiotic savages as lead by the Dark Lord Sauron. And you know what the worst part is, Even when Obama is out of office (I personally hope its this year), this idiocy is not gonna stop and it never will. They will keep sounding the war cry of the stupid, until the end of time.
"Why is it the innocent who suffer most, when you high lords play your game of thrones?" -George R. R. Martin. 
Well that actually felt pretty good. I'm under no illusions that it changed anyone's mind but it felt pretty good lol.
See you all later.                        



  1. I completely agree with this line: "One person has one side of the puzzle, while another person has the other and putting them together will get the right answer." I live in Canada where we have more than 2 parties so it's even more confusing, but people still want to know if you're conservative, liberal, or moderate, and I'm not any of those. I pick and choose things I agree with from all of them. Nobody has it all right and nobody has it all wrong.

    1. Yeah exactly. But you'd be surprised at the number of people down here who consider that treason. Stupidity, thy name is politics.